Anonymous Donates $75 Million In BTC To Increase Online Anonymity

The developments in information and communications technology (ICT) led to a loss of privacy. This is why Anonymous donates money in bitcoin form to startups that will work to increase and protect online anonymity. In the Bitcoin news today, we find out more about their plan.

In this digital age, Anonymous wants to protect the individual’s privacy and they do what they preach. Launch of Unknown Fund was announced by Anonymous from whom they will donate US$75 million in Bitcoin to startups that support the idea of anonymity directly or indirectly.  Unknown Fund states their view that in the contemporary times in which we live they see the “protection of the personal data as one of the main challenges”.

Unknown Fund mentions the use of personal information in the political struggle for influencing election outcomes one way or the other. They also comment that manipulations such as these also happen in the daily life of individuals. They say that corporations designed social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, to be addictive to the individual.

Anonymous says:

“Now the main goal of large corporations is to collect as much information as possible about the personal lives of people, and then use it for their enrichment. And they do a great job of it by making ordinary people get poorer. We are ready to fight for change and protect people.”

It’s preposterous the volume of personal information’s that individual hands to major corporations to use social media platforms: birthdays, lists of friends, phone numbers, places of employment, political views, tastes in entertainment, etc. Anonymous donates so it can help the individuals but also corporations to benefit all of these services but with the increased level of privacy.

The amount of personal information that is harvested and sold by corporations to enrich themselves is increased by every app that is downloaded. Today customer’s personal information’s replaced oil, precious metals, and money as the hallmark of wealth and power by the mighty. Anonymous and its Unknown Fund are exploring for ways blockchain and cryptocurrency can help in the struggle for the protection of individual rights. Noting that the decentralized character of blockchain is a method for “humanity to create a new environment, a new and honest monetary system, and to make the world a better place.”

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