Bitcoin worth $73 million debited from Bitfinex’s cold wallet; Bitfinex’s tangle with NYAG turns out to be expensive

Every move by Bitfinex is being analyzed and dissected by the crypto community due to NYAG’s case on the former. One might speculate that this might be costing Bitfinex millions. Bitfinex’s cold wallet debited 12,511 BTCs at 15:11 UTC on May 07.

Bitfinex’ed, the most well-known critic of Bitfinex and Tether posted a tweet about the moved BTC.

The above-mentioned sum was moved from Bitfinex’s cold wallet – 3D2oetdNuZUqQHPJmcMDDHYoqkyNVsFk9r to another wallet – 3JZq4atUahhuA9rLhXLMhhTo133J9rF97j . This transaction leaves Bitfinex with a  balance of 76,892.85 BTC, which, at press time, was worth approximately, $453.85 million.

The receiver of the said funds was quick enough to split the funds and move it to different wallets, making the balance of the receiver, at press time, zero.

Not too long ago, Bitfinex moved substantial funds, both in Bitcoin and Ethereum, which was also noticed by the crypto community. Mati Greenspan of eToro tweeted:

At the start of 2019, Bitfinex had approximately 138,000 in Bitcoin, which (at that time) was worth $518 million. In terms of BTC, Bitfinex’s cold wallet has depreciated by 45% in the last four months. The depreciation was seen in other wallets held by Bitfinex as well.

A Twitter user @KyleSGibson commented:

“Bitfinex most secure ecchange – Is Best for business! i like BTX becaus it`s security. my coins are unacesssible!!!”

Another Twitter user @150C_Vapor commented:

“I’m guessing the drastic action will be to shutdown and go into some kind of fake creditor protection with “custody” over the wallets? Of course the terms of their loans are all arbitrary, retroactive if need be, and would not be in anyones favor except the fraud participants.”

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