Bitfinex Surges 127% As It Adds New Coins For Trading

Recently after the surge of Bitcoin prices, many people want to trade cryptocurrencies. If you are one among them to invest in cryptos, then go for Bitfinex, as the platform is releasing new updates in very short times and increasing upwards.

Already existing users will be delighted to see their exchange surging upwards. Bitfinex, one of the top spot exchange for major cryptocurrencies saw a growth of  127% today.

Bitfinex is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange and registered in British virgin islands.

According to coinmarketcap, it has a 24-hour trading volume of  $167,745,452(31,753) BTC. The exchange also supports 120 trading pairs and ranks 37th exchange in the world.

Recently, Bitfinex exchange announced on April 17th that it has enabled trading for 3 new coins i.e Gnosis (GNO), DAOstack (GEN) and Scroll (SCRL). Trading will be available against ETH and USD and has 0% maker fees on Ethfinex platform for the first 3 days.

Also, the exchange announced spot market expansion. Here the users have access to the following markets:



New margin markets were also added :

Markets Accessible



The expansion of these market and adding of new coins have taken moved the exchange upwards. Moreover, the exchange has extended his support for Tron based USDT. Overall, Bitfinex is improving, pacing up and making sure to be ahead of its competitors.

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Bitfinex Exchange Surges 127% As It Adds New Coins For Trading

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Bitfinex Exchange Surges 127% As It Adds New Coins For Trading


Bitfinex Exchange announced that it has enabled trading of 3 new coins Gnosis (GNO), DAOstack (GEN) and Scroll (SCRL). Trading is against ETH and USD.


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