Buy / Sell


Buy and sell Bitcoins instantly along with cross platform trading. Coinbase is very user friendly and comes with an IOS app and an Android app allowing you to buy and sell on the go.  They also offer an online vault for safe keeping your coins making them one of the securest online wallets.


Users can interact with each other to buy and sell Bitcoins for cash, bank transfer, cash deposit, PayPal and more. The Bitcoins are kept in an escrow account until the buyer and selling have confirmed the transaction.


With Coinmama you can start buying Bitcoins in just 30 minutes with your Visa or Mastercard. It currently operates in 226 countries covering nearly every country in the world. They offer the largest limit for buying Bitcoin with a Debit or Credit Card at 5000 EUR/USD daily whilst keeping their fees fixed at $10.


CEX.IO offer Bitcoins for sale at a fair price rather than at the current market price so you could get yourself a bargain. They accept a wide variety of payments and store the coins in cold storage making it a safe wallet.