Coca Cola Will Use Blockchain To Improve Supply Chain Logistics

BitMEX reassures after the data leak from the exchange that nothing more than the emails were leaked. It’s safe to say that last Friday was a bad day for the exchange when the most popular BTC margin trading exchange made a huge mistake that ended up disclosing the emails of a lot of users while sending an update letter as we read previously in the latest crypto news.However, BitMEX reassures that absolutely nothing but the emails was leaked and that the developers have taken the necessary measures to avoid future accidents of this kind. Last Friday, the exchange went into a lot of problems once the company made a mistake that led to the unintentional leakage of the emails of some of the users. Some of the community members were extremely concerned and the popular bitcoin margin trading exchange has since shared additional information about the problem.Initially, the exchange outlined that they are in contact with the affected users just to make sure that all of the proper processes are being followed. They also shared some clarity on the matter of what exactly happened. The email which informed the users about the change back on November 1st contained the email addresses of other users in the ‘To’ field. Anyone who received the email could also look up other recipients of the same email.BitMEX created an in-house system that was supposed to handle the translation and staging processes of this kind but the tool created a concatenated ‘to’ field. As per the document:

 “…the tool was quickly rewritten to send single SendGrid API calls in batches of 1,000 addresses. Unfortunately, due to the time constraints, this was not put through our normal QA process. It was not immediately understood that the API call would create a literal concatenated “To:” field, leaking customer email addresses. As soon as we became aware, we immediately prevented further emails from being sent and have addressed the root cause. Since then we have been aiding all who have been affected as best we can and mitigating the damage to contain the leak.”

The official statement says that most of the users were affected by the action and also that if some users received the email for the index change on November 1st, the addresses have been exposed. The statement says that even if some users haven’t received this email, you might still have been affected.The post appeared first on DC Forecasts

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