Cosmos Price Starts A Bullish-Short Term Trajectory: Analysis

Cosmos (ATOM) is one of the coins featured in our coming altcoin news. As Cosmos surges and goes beyond its regular gains, it surprises a lot of people by inserting itself into the top fifteen of the market cap. This is why we decided to give this altcoin a credit in this week’s news.The trade volume of ATOM peaked as high as $191 million. As Cosmos surges, there are other questions popping. Specifically, analysts are wondering how much of Cosmos’ numbers can be trusted given that they typically originate from exchanges that are known for inflating volume. The altcoin news also show people wondering how a coin like ATOM can go from an ICO price of 10 cents to five dollars overnight – and wondering if and when will this pump be crashing.The fact is that Cosmos surges and its trade volume is big. As we can see, crypto platforms like Bibox, Huobi, Hotbit, Upbit and OKEx all processed more than $191 million of ATOM’s volume on Saturday – but were also accused of inflating trade volume in the past – which leaves a lot of dust in this case.As Cosmos surges, ATOM ranks at #17 on the total cryptocurrency market cap. The price of ATOM initiated at $0.10 and now stands over $5. However, even though the Cosmos gains seem like the coin appeared overnight, its ICO was launched in late 2017 and a large amount of coins had been locked up in a contract until just a few weeks ago.Much of the coin’s recent growth also came after it was listed on Binance – which is the main reason why Cosmos surges as we speak. Literally, as soon as ATOM was listed on Binance, the coin’s price has jumped by 41% and 64% in a week, accordingly. The 64% growth was recorded in a week as the Cosmos (ATOM) coin climbed from $3,40 to a peak of $5.58 as many best cryptocurrency news sites reported.The Cosmos gains are still here and visible over the past 24 hours. However, even the most optimistic Cosmos holders are fearing out because a correction has never happened to the coin – and are scared that its price may drop by big percentages overnight. If you want to take a better look at what the Cosmos project is all about and see all of its partnership in the ecosystem, visit this link.The post appeared first on DC Forecasts

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