Crypto Startup School Launched By Andreessen Horowitz

The launch of the ‘a16z Crypto Startup School’ was announced by the company in a statement on the official website. Starting in February 2020 there will be a seven-week course, according to the blog post.

The Crypto Startup School course also has a maiden edition, in-person series of lectures free of cost, which is organized for about 40 crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs, that will be held in Menlo Park California. The materials of the Horowitz’s school are planned to be accessible for free on the internet.  While speaking to CNBC, the general partner at the crypto fund Chris Dixon explained that the course participants won’t have to give up the equity on the projects in order to be enrolled in the program. As we are reading further in the cryptocurrency news, Dixon explained:

 “Our general view is if we build goodwill, people will want to come to work with us — so it’s in that spirit. If they do go start a company, we hope we’ll be one of their first phone calls but there’s no requirement for that.”

The current regulatory wrinkles will in due course be made smoother by the proposed digital payments, according to Dixon. Optimism was expressed by Dixon as well, for reaching an understanding by all parties in the near future, admitting the challenging nature of the regulatory wrinkles. As per the official announcement by the company:

“As with any new computing movement, blockchains have endured a variety of challenges, false starts, and misconceptions. Some of the challenges are technical (e.g., scalability), some are product-related (e.g., user experience), but many are due to the lack of widespread understanding of the technology’s capabilities, and the best practices required to take it mainstream.’’

The crypto startup school A16z and his founder, was among the first signatories of the Libra association and as per the official blog post we can read that:

‘’ We’ve been involved in crypto/blockchains for almost seven years now, and as a team, have had the opportunity to learn from world-class entrepreneurs and technologists on topics like product and technology design, organization development, go-to-market strategy, and legal/regulatory best practices. We think that sharing the most important lessons we’ve learned could accelerate the development of existing projects, and inspire more talented people to join the space.”

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