Cryptocurrency loaning platforms connect borrowers to a network of lenders. If you don’t want to sell your cryptocurrencies due to the price or you just want to HODL your coins then you can get a crypto-backed loan. You will receive the cryptocurrencies back once you have paid back the loan. For lenders you have the chance to make some interest by loaning your cryptocurrency or capital.

Bitbond Loans & Investments

Bitbond is the first global lending platform for small businesses. Using the blockchain technology Bitbond provides a platform for businesses to borrow money as well as an investment program to earn interest and help grow your business.

Xcoins Loans

xCoins is a peer-to-peer lending platform which connects lenders and borrowers allowing them to create secured loan contracts. Lenders can set their own interest rates and collect the fees for their loans whilst xCoins manages the transaction for them. They accept all major payment methods including Debit cards, Credit cards, PayPal, eCheques, and Bank transfers.

BlockFi Loans

BlockFi is a New York City based company who specialises in offering crypto backed loans on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. They offer flexible repayment plans, large loan amounts, no income requirements and no credit check required as the loan is secured against your cryptocurrency.