Dash Core Group Advisor Pulls Exit Scam Taking Investors’ Funds

Has the famous MooCowMoo, Dash Core Group advisor has pulled an exit scam with for now unknown amount of Dash investors’ funds? This is what is known for now and we are reading more in the Dash news below.

What now looks to have all the regular elements of an exit scam cam to surface yesterday when one Dash user named Erulian, posted a message on the Dash Forum.

Nonetheless, Erulian had taken some time.  Users of MooCowMoo’s shared masternode service were emailed on 10th August of 2019. The users were notified that MooCowMoo, the Dash Core Group senior advisor and owner of a “Masternode Shares” service would be closing down and that all fund will be refunded:

“So, to address the stress, I’ll be shutting down shares and sending back all deposits to their origination addresses within a week or two as time permits.”

But, today is 2nd December and it looks like MooCowMoo got lost of the face of the Earth. Erulian verified the silence from MooCowMoo the Dash Core  Group senior advisor and reached out to other potential victims. He asked, “who else has lost money?” and said, “I hope to get some discussion going about this, it’s getting late.”

Scombo, another user, joined the conversation. He verified that he did not hear a word from MooCowMoo from September this year. Scombo called out to several others in the network trying to uncover the true identity of MooCowMoo the senior advisor of Dash Core Group. He said:

“Also, might be worth involving the Dash core group as this reflects really badly on Dash, particularly as he was a prominent member of the team”

Sadly for Erulian and Scombo, the Dash Core Group did not provide assistance. After pleading them for help in their efforts to get in touch with MooCowMoo, because this issue is causing “a lot of stress,” users were pretty much told to solve it on their own. The response was simply:

“There is power in numbers”.

Power in the number of users’ funds that the Dash Core Group Senior Advisor managed to amass? Or power in the number of people falling victim to another seedy crypto exit scam? Who knows.

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