Litecoin (LTC) Price Goes Up By 13% Reaching $8.18BLN In Market Cap

The entire attention in the latest cryptocurrency news has been focused on Facebook’s Libra project this week, leaving no space for the other altcoins – especially the ones with solid performance. As the market stabilized, Litecoin remains strong and is still one of the year’s top performers. Over the past 24 hours, Litecoin managed to regain its Monday losses, topping out a new intraday high of just $135 a few hours ago. As the coming altcoin news show, LTC has held on the gains during the Asian trading session this morning and its daily volume increased to $3.7 billion. While Litecoin remains strong, its market cap sits at $8.37 billion, which is double from what it was at the end of April. The altcoin managed to fall slightly on the week and cool off from its 2019 high of $142 on June 12th. Over the past 30 days, still, Litecoin made a whopping 50% gain. The next moves for LTC, as many best cryptocurrency news sites note, are a further consolidation. According to one trader with a nickname ‘CryptoFibonacci’ who analyses the daily top cryptos, there are a few key areas of support if a pullback occurs.

“Just sort of consolidating here. 10 ema has held. 125-126 is some key support. If that is broken, it would bring the 115 area into play and possibly 107. Almost looks like a bull pennant on this one too,” he said on Twitter.

The Fibonacci levels have also come into play previously and the mid $120s zone is one for further accumulation and one that may lead up to the halving. With about 47 days to go, Litecoin remains strong and there is a high possibility of running up to the $150 margin in the next few weeks. A lot of analysts featured on altcoin news sites are even predicting a $160 target for LTC. One of them is @CryptoRand on Twitter, who said that he can’t stop himself from adding more LTC to his wallet. Meanwhile, the plastic has been issued by the Litecoin Foundation – serving as an official Litecoin debit card and expanding the use of LTC in the everyday life. There are certainly more big things on the horizon for Litecoin – and its halving is only half of it.The post appeared first on DC Forecasts