Pakistani President Worried About Disruptive Blockchain Technology

According to the Pakistani President Dr. Arif Alvi, the nation’s industrial sector must get ready for dealing with the challenge that disruptive technology like AI, blockchain, and IoT, pose. How will he be able to do that, we take a closer look in the blockchain latest news.

New technologies are emerging and they are developing across the world, while there are some nations that are familiar and comfortable with them there are others that are yet to be introduced on a larger scale. AI, IoT, blockchain, and robotics, while are a big step forward, are also highly disruptive of the established practices. Their disruptiveness is so important that the Pakistani President has warned the nation’s industrialists of the arrival of the aforementioned technologies.

The concerns of Dr. Arif Alvi were expressed at the Taskforce on Emerging Technologies’ meeting on Tuesday 17th of December. The minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui was present with multiple IT experts.

He also noted the important role of the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in digital transformation. Nonetheless, Dr. Arif Alvi observed that there are many parts to digitally-enabled transformation and also the importance of continuing the development of technology centers, shared data services, digital identity, and similar things.  The President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is of the opinion that the manufacturing of an innovation ecosystem is essential and the government has already taken up certain actions- in order to help the strive of Pakistan for progress- supporting new tech startups.

Naturally, the government is only the first actor, having tech firms who will have a huge influence. Nevertheless, Dr. Arif Alvi thinks that progress and achieving a sustainable developmental model would be far much easier and far more efficient as a shared effort. Pakistan is progressing fast and Dr. Arif Alvi thinks the next decade will be a decade of the Information and Telecommunication Technologies (ICTs) revolution. With the conditions arranged like this, Pakistan must prepare for the arrival of the said ICT revolution and reorganize in a proper way its infrastructure in order to make the much-needed accommodation to benefit from it in a smart way.

The people of Pakistan must find the will to master and implement new technologies, with one of the most important challenges will be the education that the new generations must receive in Information and Telecommunication Technologies (ICTs).

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