KuMEX Platform Launches A Lite Version With Simpler Interface

The KuMEX platform, the bitcoin futures platform developed by KuCoin, announced the launch of a new Lite version that will mostly focus on core trading experience and a simpler interface. The platform will provide analytic tools such as the long-short ratio and revenue calculator for all the new crypto users as we are about to...
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Uzbekistan Bans Citizens From Buying Crypto, They Can Only Sell

Authorities in Uzbekistan have effectively banned residents from purchasing cryptocurrencies on digital asset exchanges licensed in the country. Crypto holders will only be able to sell their coins and that’s if these have not been obtained through anonymous transactions, amendments to the local regulations postulate. Also read: Poles Hit With Backdated Tax on Crypto Trades...
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Waltonchain CEO Is Stepping Down From His Role At The Company

Ex-Morgan Stanley devs from teamed up in a pursuit to make a new crypto derivatives exchange, armed with its own cold wallet, major transaction speeds and much more as we are about to find out more in the upcoming cryptocurrency news.According to a recent declaration, a new high-speed crypto derivatives exchange called Phemex, is expected...
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