3 Ways Coronavirus May Have Affected Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s rally has occurred almost in lockstep with the spread of coronavirus. Still, analysts are cautious to attribute the gains to the outbreak. | Source: Shuttersock. | Source: Shuttersock Is there a correlation between bitcoins price action and the coronavirus spread?  Virus-infected yuan placed in quarantine—Bitcoin fixes this.  Bitcoin mining takes a dive following China’s...
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This Is How Coronavirus Can Affect Bitcoin | Here’s Why

While the crypto market is currently going through an increase in prices, the coronavirus has also increased its victim count at a fast rate. But how can this new virus strain impact the number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin? Investors are dreading that the spread of the coronavirus will deeply impact major industries from China, such as...
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Outrageous Coronavirus Stunt Proves Justin Sun Will Go Full-Cringe to Shill Tron

Justin Sun looks to capitalize on coronavirus outbreak by pumping his controversial cryptocurrency. | Source: REUTERS / Stringer Tron CEO Justin Sun is on his way to help the people of Wuhan province with a box of face-masks. The founder continues to live up to his reputation for capitalizing on any opportunity to advance his...
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