At Devcon, Bitcoin Developer Amir Taaki Foresees a ‘DarkTech Renaissance’

news Nobody in the cryptocurrency space is thinking big enough. That was the message from bitcoin developer and former Kurdish YPG militia member Amir Taaki at Devcon 5, the annual ethereum developer conference hosted this year in Osaka, Japan. “I hear people talking about decentralized derivatives and mortgages,” Taaki said to an enraptured audience of hundreds on...
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Devcon Shows Ethereum’s ‘World Computer’ Is a Movement, Not a Product

news If there’s anywhere in the world where it feels right to believe in magic, it’s Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan. The ethereum community faces a daunting task: scale its blockchain ecosystem to securely support the growing demand for mainstream use cases. Thousands of technologists and passionate fans gathered at Devcon this week to grapple...
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7 Ethereum Projects Are Getting $175,000 in Grants From ConsenSys

news Venture studio Consensys is giving $175,000 to seven different open source software projects on the ethereum network. Announced on Oct. 10, these projects include a forward-looking ethereum software client called Lighthouse, an oracle network for off-chain data called Tellor, as well as, a mobile decentralized app builder called Alice, among others. About the new...
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