Non-Profit hybrix Promotes Blockchain Harmony at California Festival

While blockchain technology is promoting ground-breaking innovations across the spectrum, the sheer number of platforms and complexity in using their services continue to be a roadblock for many users. Mass adoption is very difficult to promote around the world without ease of access for everybody who wants to work in the space. While cryptocurrencies provide...
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Not For Profit Hybrix Promotes Crypto Unity Manifesto at the 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week

November 2019, SAN FRANCISCO – Blockchain solutions company hybrix has been promoting its new manifesto at the 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week, in a most creative fashion. Representatives of the not-for-profit organization have been attending the event to hand out gold-sealed letters that spread a call to action for the freedom of choice, stating that money shall not be...
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2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week Sees Non-Profit Hybrix Introduce Manifesto on Crypto Unity

hybrix, the non-profit organization that promotes a unified effort between cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations, has unveiled its manifesto at the 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week, calling on all stakeholders to come together for crypto unity. The crypto body has been building what it calls “flexible blockchain solutions”, primarily a tool that allows coders and developers...
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