Tron Network Experiences Overwhelming Bot Activity

Tron is featured in the coming altcoin news again, after a turbulent period in which it has been facing a lot of ups and downs. A lot of rumors and news developments have been contributing to the incurred volatility of this altcoin. However, the founder of TRON, Justin Sun claims that what’s a priority right now is getting the altcoin listed on a United States based exchange.What’s interesting is that Tron is not currently available on any major US exchange platforms such as Coinbase. However, the latest cryptocurrency news show that Sun is apparently getting the crypto listed on a platform like Coinbase as one of this top priorities.Despite it being known as a controversial coin in the altcoin news, Tron has a massive audience and a big size and popularity. In fact, the community behind it is very loyal and the cryptocurrency has a $1.4 billion market cap which speaks alone for its achievments – making it the twelfth largest cryptocurrency.Even with this, Justin Sun claims that Tron should be even bigger. He explained that even though the altcoin is not currently listed on any major US exchange, this may soon change. He explained that getting the embattled crypto listed on Coinbase or another major exchange open to US investors is his number one priority at the time.

“Yes. It is our #1 priority now. We will have a full team including me dedicated to this matter. We will get all these things done with #TRON speed!” Justin Sun said while responding to a tweet in which someone claimed that “big investors are very concerned.” like many other altcoins, Tron has been slowly bleeding out over the past month, mainly because of Bitcoin and its growing dominance over the aggregated crypto markets as the investors flee altcoins. As he said on many best cryptocurrency news sites, Justin Sun claims that Tron needs to be bigger and that the cryptocurrency will definitely do that.The bearish price action on the market continues and forces a lot of Tron investors out of the cryptocurrency. Unless BTC begins surrendering some of its dominance, it is very likely that Tron will continue facing a downwards pressure.The post appeared first on DC Forecasts