Wright Claimed That BTC, LTC Should Have Been ‘’Killed’’ By Now

The Self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (BTC), Craig Wright claimed this time in 2018 that Bitcoin and Litecoin will be damaged and he will basically kill them with the information he has, and this statement definitely stands out as one of his biggest claims. In today’s altcoin news we remind ourselves what he actually stated.

In November of 2018, Craig announced in an enigmatic way that he is in possession of information which will damage both Bitcoin and Litecoin practically “killing” them. This assertion is part of Wright’s claim that what is now traded under the ticker of Bitcoin is not the real Bitcoin as imagined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright is also prepared to destroy Bitcoin by himself, for this reason, but this deed is scheduled for 2020. It seems that the latest claim has come and went away without fulfillment, with two days left before the judgment day. Wright claimed that with the sway of the bear market, Bitcoin and Litecoin will be dead coins but this claim has not yet materialized.

Craig Wright has disappeared from Twitter after a scandal. Been under furious criticism from the crypto community, he threatened some of CT personalities with court action, like Hodlonaut and Peter McCormack. The lawsuit against the estate of Dave Kleiman is not developing well for Wright. Wright failed to prove that he owns any private keys potentially belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright is also not capable of repaying Kleiman for their common ownership of BTC form earlier mining.

As for the question of destroying the coins, Bitcoin is now flouting around $8,800 and LTC has recovered to $61.17, is relatively stable for now. From backing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Craig Wright has changed his position to hostility with that project and refocusing his energy to Bitcoin SV (BSV).

It is hard to believe that in 2020 Bitcoin SV(BSV) will displace Bitcoin (BTC) not to talk about taking over its markets, besides the robust community of BSV. For now, Bitcoin SV (BSV) goes around $128.28. Bitcoin SV (BSV) is planning to go ahead with increasing the block sizes to 2 gigabits, Bitcoinist reported earlier in 2019, beside still the fears that most miners will be priced out from the markets remain.

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