XRP Is Set To Finish 2019 Poorly After Failing To Garner Momentum

XRP is set to finish poorly as 2019 was a hard year for the altcoin since it set new yearly lows in the past several weeks with its fall down to $0.20. This bearishness has made XRP be one of the worst-performing cryptos of the major ones, in the markets over this year, and it looks like further losses could be imminent as we reported in the previous Ripple XRP news.

Yet, analysts are noticing that XRP could see some gains against its trading pair BTC in the near future, should it hold hard above a key support level. At the time of writing this article, Ripple (XRP) is been traded sideways at the current price of $0.22, which marks a notable up from its daily downs of $0.21 that we’ve seen last night.

These falls were set concurrently with BTC’s fall to $7,000 yesterday, and similarly, XRP’s growth from this fall went up after Bitcoin posted a strong growth up to $7,800. Over a seven-day period, XRP is traded down noticeably from its weekly highs of $0.233 but it managed to go up significantly from its recent lows of $0.20 that were made in late-November of 2019 during the market fall that was led by Bitcoin’s fall to %6,500.

In the near future, XRP may experience some further relief if it manages to surge against its trading pair, Bitcoin, with Bitcoin Jack, a well-known crypto analyst on Twitter, sharing to his followers last week that he thinks the embattled crypto could grow if it is able to bounce from 0.0002695, which is slightly down from its current price of 0.00002947. However, XRP is set to fail the next year but according to the analyst we should:

“Let’s give $XRP another go. Support here looks like shit, if it breaks this is where I want to get long. Looks like a decent opportunity to trade it back towards range high,” he explained

Another well-known crypto analyst on Twitter, elaborated in a new tweet that XRP was traded for 21 quarters, with an average quarterly growth of 114%.

“$XRP has traded for 21 quarters; – Avg Q = 114% – 10 Pos Q – 11 Neg Q – Pos Q Avg = 276% – Neg Q Avg = -32% – 6 of 8 Qs have been neg since Jan 2018, w/ Pos Q <30%.”

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