bitcoin retrace

Europol Announcement: Monero Transactions Cannot Be Traced

Zcoin, the privacy-focused cryptocurrency has just launched a new crowdfunding system that is similar to the one Monero has as we are about to see more in the altcoin news today.In their official blog post, Zcoin announced the new Zcoin Crowdfunding System which is a new platform that will serve as a shift from direct...
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BTC Retracement To $7,150 Could Mean A Visit To $7,800 Soon

The BTC retracement to the $7,150 level could mean that the next price level for the largest cryptocurrency will be $7,800 as per the crypto analyst and trader Crypto Michael. Checking on the charts, we discuss more the price and the possibilities for the coin in the bitcoin news now. The BTC trends go back...
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