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Reaccumulation Phase Is On: Willy Woo And His Take On Bitcoin Now

The major cryptocurrency trader Willy Woo is in the Bitcoin news now for what he labeled a major reaccumulation phase for the most dominant coin. As the last few days of the year go by, Bitcoin (BTC) is still down by almost 50% from its yearly high – but is also around 87% up from...
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Bitcoin (BTC) Analysts Call BTC To Fall To $8,600 To Fill The CME Gap

Bitcoin (BTC) analysts have been calling for the cryptocurrency to drop to the $8,600 price range to ‘fill the gap’ of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for more than a week now. The Bitcoin futures contract on the CME closed at $8,715 which was a strong performance considering that last Wednesday, the leading cryptocurrency plunged to...
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Bitcoin Downturn Proves BTC Could Break Up From Bull Momentum

The Bitcoin price has been declining overnight. As the latest cryptocurrency news show, the Bitcoin downturn is real – and the most dominant cryptocurrency has lost 3.21% this morning, dropping to a low of $10,375. Now, even though the loss can be consolidated, what’s important to note is the fact that BTC could break up...
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