bitcoin bubble

Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Seeks Case Dismissal Over Bitcoin Bubble

Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Bitfinex is pleading with court for the dismissal of a $1.4 Trillion case in which it allegedly manipulated the 2017 Bitcoin bubble. The exchange claims that the plaintiffs’ cause of action has no legal basis, terming it ‘frivolous.’ Earlier, the plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit against Tether, Bitfinex, and others accusing...
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The Trump Administration Burst The 2017 BTC Bubble: Ex-CFTC Chair

The latest Bitcoin news show that one class of investors has more than doubled the value of the long positions that it holds in Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts this month. As fresh data from an analyst named Skew Markets shows, the BTC futures institutional long positions went from below 500 BTC ($4.11 million) on October...
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Tether Created ‘Largest Bubble in Human History’ Claims Lawsuit Against Bitfinex

A common attack against Tether in the crypto ecosystem is that the stablecoin isn’t really backed one-to-one by the U.S. dollar. We might soon get to know if these concerns are substantial, as the matter is now going to court. A new lawsuit against the operators of USDT accuses them of creating the largest bubble...
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