Bitcoin in China

China Forces Bitcoin Miners to Scale Down Amid Electricity Shortfall

With the dry season approaching, Bitcoin miners in China’s Sichuan province may be forced to reduce their electricity consumption. Prioritizing Communal Electricity Needs Over Crypto Miners According to Asia Times, authorities in Sichuan Province, China, are reportedly leaning on Bitcoin miners to cut down electricity consumption. This news comes amid the dry season in Southwest...
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Bitcoin Price to Continue Upward Trajectory Over the Next 5 Years

Despite the recent price struggles for bitcoin, Spencer Bogart says the top-ranked crypto will continue to see an upward growth trajectory in the next five years. The Blockchain Capital partner also doesn’t see Chinese policies as having a significantly negative impact on BTC’s performance. Bitcoin Price Will Perform Better in the Next Five Years In...
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Bitcoin-Yuan Divergence Is Coming To New All-Time Highs

Bitcoin (BTC) has been leading the news lately. As featured on many best cryptocurrency news sites, the most dominant cryptocurrency finally managed to mount a comeback and go over the $10,000 region, trading safely at $10,500 and more. However, one analyst sees Bitcoin to visit $7,500 and drop soon, pointing out that the current price...
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