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SEC’s ‘Crypto Mom’ Hester Peirce Believes Digital Assets Could Be the ‘Money of Internet’

SEC’s Hester Peirce stated that cryptocurrencies prove to be important “transaction mechanisms” and their “store of value” is an important function of the digital assets. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, also popular as ‘crypto mom’ for her crypto-friendly news, once again spoke in favor of digital assets during the recent cryptocurrency compliance Dacom summit in New...
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U.S. Congress to Discuss Cryptocurrency With SEC Right After Bakkt is Launched

With a sense of urgency, the US Congress has set Sept. 24 as a day to thrash out issues relating to cryptocurrency together with the leadership of the SEC, which comes just a day after Bakkt launch. On Sept. 19, the Committee on Financial Services came to an agreement that the topic, “Oversight of the...
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After Visiting Switzerland, US Regulators Remain Worried About Libra

Following a visit to Switzerland to meet with the country’s financial regulators, United States lawmakers are still concerned over Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency project, Libra. A delegation of the United States House of Representatives visited Switzerland last week because they have been concerned about cryptocurrency issues, especially regarding Facebook’s yet-to-come stablecoin Libra. Representative Maxine Waters published...
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